Portfolio of Work

TheYayToast is a digital and traditional artist that creates charming works with a sense of fun romanticism and action. She loves to create characters and worlds that are playful and humorous, but capable of telling serious stories.

For general enquiries, commision inquiries, or for my resume for freelance opportunities please email me.
EMAIL: theyaytoast@gmail.com


Example 1

Example of dialogue in a
semi-transparent word balloon.

Example 2

Example of free flowing spoken sound effect.

Example 3

Example of sound effect.

Example 4

Example of internal dialogue using
sea urchin balloon.

Example 5

Example of two lines of dialogue in a
stacked word balloon.

Example 6

Example of villainous or garbled dialogue.

Example 7

Example of series logo design 1.

Example 8

Example of series logo design 2.

Fonts used: Tall Tales by Comicraft, Clairvoyant by Blambot, Cheese and Crackers by Comicraft, Comicrazy by Comicraft, and Joe Kubert by Comicraft.

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